By Joan Selby

Getting through the day productively is quite a feat since sustaining high levels of energy all day can be quite challenging. Now, how about being as productive for weeks, and even months after? Those are bigger challenges, right?

If you can see yourself managing your productivity level well through time, good for you. However, if you can see yourself struggling with the tasks and responsibilities you handle, you are encouraged to get a productivity coach. Your productivity coach can assess your situation, identify your weaknesses, and guide you to achieve your goals with confidence every action step of the way.

6 Signs You May Need a Productivity Coach

Unsure whether you need a productivity coach? Find out below as we give you six signs you might need one.

You’re constantly exhausted.

If you are feeling tired and drained of energy most of the time, it’s better to have yourself checked. It might be medical concern. Otherwise, your extreme fatigue might be a result of excessive work, which might dampen your performance if you can’t handle it well. Better consult with a professional so you can revitalize your energy, and regain focus on your work.

You’re missing deadlines.

Missed deadlines signify that you have poor time management. It’s either you underestimate the time needed for finishing a task, or you are dumped with numerous tasks that your schedule cannot really accommodate. A productivity coach can give you tips to ensure you got your schedule fixed, or determine factors that hinders you from managing your tasks and your time productively.

No work-life balance.

Do you find yourself staying late in the office to get your work done most nights? Or rejecting invites from friends for a night out? How about missing your kid’s special day in school? Is your dog missing your morning walk routine?

When your social and personal life is competing for your attention against work, recognize that this is already a red flag. Work should not eat up your time, and refrain you from having fun or spending quality time with your loved ones.

You can’t concentrate on tasks.

While multitasking is a skill to have for many achievers, too many tasks on your table tend to divide your attention.

There might be instances when you can’t determine which task to prioritize because you barely have sufficient focus to decide which tasks are the most important. If you can’t seem to finish a project because you keep on being distracted, lose focus, or switch tasks being one, a productivity coach might be of great help to you. Your coach can share with you pointers on how to keep your attention at one project until it’s done.

You constantly forget things.

How many times have you thought you misplaced your keys or eyeglasses? Or failed to recall who to call back and what time you would be meeting with who? You probably will not even remember.

If you keep on forgetting details, it might be because your memory is overwhelmed with the things it needs to process. Absent-mindedness can make you look careless or incompetent with what you do, and may affect career growth opportunities.

You are always late.

While showing up late in your appointments once in awhile is forgivable, habitual tardiness is a different story. It leaves a bad impression, as other people would think you are unreliable. As professionals, it is important that you have a respect for other people’s time, and won’t jeopardize that just because you needed a few extra minutes to finish a previous task.

When things begin to be too difficult to manage, it does not hurt to employ help from the right people. What will probably hurt more is an image of incompetency and inefficiency brought about by low productivity. Regain control of your working life through a productivity coach, and you are sure to get back an awesome life!

Joan Selby
Joan Selby is a fomer ESL teacher and a productivity coach at EduGeeksClub dissertation writing service. Former CalArts graduate and fancy shoe lover. A writer by day and reader by night. Giving creative touch to everything. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.