By Tess Pajaron

You can’t hold hands with your job and take a romantic stroll down the beach. It’s a little different when you’re assessing what the level of chemistry between yourself and your job is. Not every day will be perfect, and you may go through periods of difficulty with stressful, complex projects. The truth is, your relationship with your job is still like a marriage. It has its ups and downs, but how much do you really love it? Try looking at things through a few different lenses.

1. Your Workplace Gossip is Less Personal

Watercooler conversations or chatty breakroom rendezvous are different for people who love their jobs. If you’re not so happy, you’ll probably be talking about people. Bob from HR is obnoxious and condescending. Jim is too pushy, and his wife is sick of it. If you’re not jazzed about your job, you’re going to discuss the things that irritate you. If you like your job, you’ll be talking about the workplace accomplishments of others. Who is up for promotion? What major goals are you celebrating as a company?

2. Days Seem Shorter

If you’re looking at the clock every ten minutes, daydreaming about someone pulling the fire alarm so you have an excuse to get out of there, you’re definitely dissatisfied. It may take you some time to get in the swing of things. Maybe you’re slow to get your gears going in the morning, but how do things go after lunch? If it seems like the second half of your day flies by, your job isn’t taking a negative toll on you.

3. You Get Excited About Workplace Events

This one is the opposite of, “Oh, jeez, not another potluck.” Special events and celebrations get you pumped. On fun theme days, or events that champion a charitable cause, you’re prepared to give your all. You like exchanging ideas with your coworkers, and enjoy the things you do together. If your workplace uses gamification, you’re an active participant in the competition.

4. You’re Thirsty For A Promotion

Instead of dollar signs, you see a new office. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to sit in a more comfortable chair. Money doesn’t drive you, your accomplishments do. You’re perfecting your skills, staying abreast with your industry education, and the idea of climbing to the top of the ladder makes it a little easier to get out of bed in the morning.

5. You’re Eager to Claim Dibs on Certain Projects

This shows that you’re actively invested. Something important is going on, and the right person needs to be chosen for the task. Instead of sliding into the shadows inconspicuously, hoping your supervisor doesn’t see you when the time comes to make that selection, you’re standing at the front jumping up and down. Any project that’s relevant to your expertise has your name written all over it, and you’re prepared to convince everyone that you’re the most deserving of that responsibility.

6. You Have A Good Relationship With Your Manager

No one enjoys feeling like they’re being bullied. If your manager is someone you avoid and loathe your interactions with, you’re never going to have a good time at work. You should feel like your manager is a member of your team. He or she should be giving you the right amount of trust and freedom to demonstrate your value. If your manager is overbearing and making your life miserable, run for the hills. If you can feel synergy and understanding, things are going well.

7. When You Look Into Your Future, You See The Same Company

Where do you see yourself in ten years? If you can see yourself higher up within the company you currently work for, your level of commitment is outstanding. If you see yourself basing your future plans about what opportunities may become available within your career, you’ve found yourself a keeper.

How many of these things are true about your job? If you’ve found you can agree with most of them, you have a job you shouldn’t let go. If you find these statements laughable in regards to your employment, it may be time to start sending out your resume.

Tess Pajaron
With a background in Business Administration and Management, Tess Pajaron currently works at Open Colleges, Australia's leading online educator. She likes to cover stories in careers and marketing.