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The Life Coach Spotter 2017 Scholarship Winner

The 2017 Scholarship Winner Kayla Lockwood Indiana University, senior Award:  $1,000 August 15, 2017 We are pleased to announce Kayla Lockwood as the winner of The 2017 Life Coach Spotter Scholarship for $1,000. Kayla, a senior from Bloomington, IN, was selected from a pool of almost 40 candidates. Candidates had to submit an essay and video, both detailing overcoming a personal challenge, and proof of enrollment in an accredited university. Kayla composed an incredibly moving essay and video explaining how her life has been affected by the autoimmune disease, lupus. When Kayla was just 15, she lost her best friend, […]

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How to Find Your Passion

“Passion? Purpose? … How ’bout just a reason to get out of bed in the morning?”

At one low point in my life I’m tired of just being a waiter and retail store clerk. (Gee, what a surprise!) I’m pushing 30 and still don’t have a clue as to what I want to do when I grow up!

I’ve worked with very highly motivated and inspired people. The wise and gentle spirit Fred of the Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood TV show. The inventive and jovial TV chef Julia Child. Many revered Eastern and Native spiritual teachers and healers.

Each has a heart calling that was exciting to them and thousands of followers. Each has burning passion to fulfill each day.

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Interview with a Life Coach for Business Owners

Christoph Nauer works with business owners who spend too much time at work. They often start businesses because of their passions, but “once they reach a certain growth period, all of a sudden they can’t handle their businesses anymore. They are working 70 or 80 hours weeks and wearing themselves thin.”

With a 15-year background in pastoral counseling and spiritual guidance, as well as an advanced degree in business, Christoph’s coaching has helped his clients de-stress, make more money, improve their relationships, and feel happier.

Christoph shared his thoughts on coaching and some the advice he gives his own clients.

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Individual or Group Coaching?

By Deborah Melzer No matter which type of coaching you choose, the first question to ask is if you are committed to making the change for yourself. If you are ready to make that commitment to yourself, both coaching options have benefits. Here’s a simple list to help you decide:   Benefits Of Individual Coaching Many coaches offer on-line coaching via Skype or Telephone to expand your choice of coaches to work with Having one on one support is important if you have challenges you would prefer not to discuss with others If you prefer in person contact, you can […]

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Life Coaching Explained

by Christoph Nauer   My Definition: Life coaches work with relatively healthy people who want to improve their lives in specific ways.   What do we help people with? Some examples include changing careers, finding a healthy relationship, taking their business to a new level, losing weight or deepening their self-understanding. Life coaches help people develop skills. Not just time management, but also stress management. Goal-setting, and other key areas of change to help their clients lead more balanced lives. – Lives that better reflect clients’ personal values and priorities.   It’s Not Therapy Life coaching differs from therapy in […]

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Life Coaching – An Investment In Your Happiness

By Deborah Melzer Is a life coach worth the cost? It all depends on your perspective. How we define what’s important to us and what we spend our money on is a unique choice. Here’s a simple question for you.   How much is your happiness and joyful living worth to you? I’ve come to the awareness that money is just another form of energy. And one of the basic laws of physics is that energy can never be created nor destroyed, it only changes form. As energy in our lives, you can experience money as a sacred exchange between 2 […]

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Changing Compulsive Behaviors

by Sabra Redfern I am a personal development life coach. You would come to me for help with compulsive behavior, provided you weren’t hurting yourself or in need of medical attention. In order to gain control over compulsive behavior, such as repeating habits over and over on a daily basis, you’ll learn how the brain is able to change. You’ll be amazed how building a new neural pathway is created when you change the smallest step in this habit. As you learn to see the habit differently, you’ll gain control.   Changing Your Perspective My work is to help you […]

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Life Coaching with Hypnotherapy

by Sabra Redfern   Want Instant Change? Clients who choose to work with me are usually curious about how I use hypnotherapy in the process. Since I’m a personal development life coach, I’m often asked to help people as they make a transition in their lives. Some examples are: changing professions, jobs, and relationships. The amazing power of hypnosis is this. I’ll have a client relax in a recliner and I’ll make suggestions that will create instant change or relief. I have to laugh when I think about the many misconceptions about hypnosis I hear weekly.   What It Really […]

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Our First Session Together

by Sabra Redfern What can you expect from a life coaching session with me? You can expect to make a shift in your perspective and feelings from a life coach session with me. I know you’ll enjoy the process of realizing your inner strength and resources.   Let me walk you though a session… If you come to my office, you can expect me to greet you outside and walk you to my quiet office in the back where you’ll begin to relax just by gazing on the mature shrubs and 50 ft fir trees that shade the area. Greenery […]

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Life Coaching is Change Work

by Sabra Redfern Finding the right life coach for you should not be difficult once you identify the issue, behavior or transition you want to change.   Change Work Life coaching is change work. I begin to help my clients by asking them a series of questions, unique to their particular issue and therein discover their inner resources. Reflecting these resources back to them is key to their improvement. My favorite session is one where my client has a clear ‘end result’ or ‘goal’ in mind and I’m able to elicit the true desire for this change using Ericksonian hypnosis, that […]

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