Morice Mabry is owner of MasterMinding Forward, an Adjunct Business Professor, Motivation Coach, Facilitator, and Speaker. His passion is servicing disoriented small business owners, entrepreneurs, and college students who struggle with business and life planning, accountability, sustaining vision, and goal setting. He helps his clients obtain their objectives through masterminding group sessions and individual coaching. He has extreme passion for his niche and truly operates from his heart. He is a man of integrity and conviction and invites you to get to know, like, and trust him. You can visit Morice's website here. Morice has recently become a first time dad to his now 17-month-old daughter. You may read of his wonderful fatherhood journeys here.

The Five Laws To Move You Forward in 2016

Image living in a society where procrastination was unacceptable and illegal. You would have the freedom to think and do as you choose, but will be outlawed and arrested if you procrastinated. I know this is far-fetched because everyone’s desires and levels of taking action are different. Besides, how would one be able to moderate who is procrastinating and who is not? I guess that’s for one to decide for him or her self. Well back to my imaginary society or better yet I will call this society a town, Actionville! It’s a place where doers reside and laziness is a crime. There are five laws to move citizens forward into 2016 that govern Actionville. The laws are:

• Defining Your Purpose
• Goal Setting
• Finding Inspiration
• Taking Action
• Asking For Help

Let’s take a closer look at each law and get a better perspective to why each is so important to societal functions in Actionville.

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5 Phrases That Kill Dreams Before Birth

We live in a society where negative affirmation is a norm. With so many people living in fear and afraid to go after their dreams, it’s so much easier for them to stay stagnant. In fact, people living in fear will employ their worries and doubts on you to hinder you from moving forward and have no clue that they’re doing it and affecting you.

Here are 5 phrases that kill dreams before birth:

1. “That’s a crazy idea and it wouldn’t work:”
This is the vintage dream killing line that’s prevented many ideas from being nurtured. This person lacks imagination and optimism. At one point inventions such as the light bulb, airplane, internet, personal computers, radio sound waves, etc. were thought to be crazy ideas, but these inventors moved forward anyway. Hence, failed over and over until they got it right. Your idea is awesome! Be courageous and Go For It!

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5 Benefits of Writing Out Your Goals

Have you ever wondered why your circumstances in your life haven’t changed? Why you remain stagnant and others prosper? Maybe it’s because you haven’t written down your goals and created a plan to achieve those goals. Like you, I had many goals in my mind and was operating from my head. But I’m here to say that magic happens when I write my goals down, created a plan, and implemented the plan. When I write my goals down, I can’t just write it and forget about it; I have to read it, nurture it, visualize it, feel it, and believe it.

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