Change Your Reality by Dealing with Negative Emotions

It all comes down to your mentality. Your mentality directs the actions that you take.

The truth is people are competitive and will want to hit you with the worst possible – they will want to drown you and hit you with a fire extinguisher to ensure that you do not get ahead.

Being successful is as much about dealing with the negative emotions as much as anything else. When you really go for what you want you are going to have detractors: there’s no doubt about it.

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6 Signs You May Need a Productivity Coach

Getting through the day productively is quite a feat since sustaining high levels of energy all day can be quite challenging. Now, how about being as productive for weeks, and even months after? Those are bigger challenges, right?

If you can see yourself managing your productivity level well through time, good for you. However, if you can see yourself struggling with the tasks and responsibilities you handle, you are encouraged to get a productivity coach. Your productivity coach can assess your situation, identify your weaknesses, and guide you to achieve your goals with confidence every action step of the way.

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Popular, Yet Unfair, Myths About Business Coaching

Given that business coaching is somewhat new to the job market, many people may not have a clear idea of what it is. In short, business coaching involves helping a company to define and reach its goals on a company-wide level while also fitting in the goals of company executives. But the myths surrounding this field are detrimental to the potential positive impact that business coaching can have on whole industries. So it’s worth stepping back to find out what this novel field is really all about. Who knows, you may even discover that it could be a valuable tool for your own business!

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The Different Practical Self-Improvement Ideas for Success

Obviously, no one wants to become unsuccessful in their lives. People generally look for easy ways to be successful in life, which is almost unattainable. One of the most important ingredients that you should have for success is self-improvement. You must make constant self-improvement in order to enjoy success in your personal life as well as professional life. Self-improvement is something that you cannot learn from school, college or university because it comes through your life experiences. However, self-improvement is really a crucial weapon that you should have in your armory to avoid failure and also to get used to […]

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How to Find the Right Career Coach

College students typically have a career coach of sorts assigned to them for the duration of their enrollment. Academic and guidance counselors will be able to guide you in some aspects of your career. Like career coaches, counselors can assess your talents and interests, and help you set goals accordingly. They can sometimes even set you on course through securing an internship in your field of interest. The downside is that counselors will inherently be limited with the time they can give you, as they are also helping other students. Their techniques will differ as well, and many assessments they use can be more time consuming than those employed by career coaches. But they might have a wealth of career coach references for you to follow up on. Find out if they can refer you!

If you have a mentor or someone you often go to for practical and professional advice, find out if they can refer you to a talented career coach. Who knows, they might even have one themselves!

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Value Identification – The Heart of the Journey

I’m often asked what I believe to be the key element in coaching my clients. I always say “current time value identification” without a doubt. Often times, a client will find that they’re stuck in trying to fulfill a goal from an earlier point in their life. While sometimes it’s revealed these goals are aligned with their current day value system, often times the goal is not in sync with today’s values.

My experience as a coach has taught me that an in-depth initial client intake that includes a multi-faceted value assessment is essential, irrespective of how absolute a client may be on a particular goal. Every goal, every choice and every decision is rooted in our value system. Values change as we change and grow. Think for a moment of what you value, what’s important to you today. Now, think back 10 or 15 years, are the values the same? Usually not.

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Benefits of a Happy Life

People wake up with the illusion that happiness is something that they can’t influence. This is extremely bad thinking and behavior that you need to get rid of. How happy your life can be depends only on you. People are used to complaining all the time and finding faults in everything. To an outsider that seems like people are enjoying being sad and unsatisfied with their lives and that is not that far away from the truth. A lot of people are set in their ways and think there are things that they can’t influence and are far from their reach. This can’t be further from the truth. You control your life, but most people are used to complaining about money, job, love life etc. Start controlling your life as benefits from a happy life can be tremendous. You will feel more energized and powerful.

Making new habits is the hardest thing to do but once you start feeling happier and doing things in a completely new way, you will not go back to your old ways, I guarantee it.

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Coaching As An Acronym

There are many elements to the coaching journey and the coach/client relationships. We, as coaches, employ a number of skills and strategies in helping people identify what they truly want out of life, overcome limiting obstacles and build an action plan that gets results. When I looked at the word “coach” as an acronym I found these truths.

C – Commitment

The commitment of the coach to you and your vision is a given. The commitment of the client to rise to the occasion in breaking through limiting beliefs and comfort zones is critical. While breaking through ingrained habits and ineffective belief -systems is an admittedly difficult task, your coach is trained and committed to keeping you moving forward toward your vision.

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Effective 5-Minute Exercises to Help Busy Women Burn Fat

Ever since the introduction of technology, the global economic landscape has benefited greatly from it. The industry has evolved in such a way that guaranteed results must be attained in the shortest time possible. The slow and steady theory no longer applies to the modern era and all professionals have had to adjust their mindset to cater to this new development. In light of these changes, the concept of time has become a commodity that many individuals do not have the privilege of enjoying.   As more people sacrifice their time for their careers, many other aspects of their lives become a distant memory. Each gradually spends […]

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Living Your Own Kind of Wonderful Life

Would it not be amazing to go through life thinking that you are awesome and that the things you do are of great value not only to yourself but to others as well?

Would it not also be pretty cool to attract people into your circle who you truly connect with, who love you for you and who encourage you always to be the best you?

And wouldn’t life be extra super delicious if you woke up every morning thinking that life is so brilliant that you want to jump out of bed and just get on with the day already?!

I think so.

I think life would be pretty amazing like that.

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