5 Ways to Network like a Pro to Grow Your New Business

In the information age, success as a business requires networking. The truth is, in a lot of ways it’s always been like this, especially in the cities. Even in the middle ages the blacksmith down the road was better off than the blacksmith on the other side of the town because the one down the road rubbed elbows with rich estate owners in the pub every night whereas the blacksmith on the other edge of town didn’t do as well because he stayed home at night. Networking is key to a business, and is in a lot of ways the oxygen that fills the lungs of the business and allows it to run and produce at high speeds.

Networking is simply defined as doing what needs to be done to get the word out about you and your business. It’s talking to people, holding presentations, hosting a display at an expo, managing your social media and website, advertising, spreading the good word from friend to friend to friend, etc. Successful networking would involve getting a lot of qualified, viable customers (customers who want to or need to buy your product) interested in and aware of your business and product. Unsuccessful networking would result in sales drying up and a headlong scramble to try and find new customers and clients.

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7 Great Things to Do After You Turn 50

There are several things you need to do after you turn 50. At this age, you should be wiser, and the society expects so much from you. You should be leading by example once you are over 50 years. Several people are watching your life, and you need to lead by a good example. This article discusses seven great things to do after you turn 50. You can discover more amazing things that you can do once you hit 50 years of age.

1. Become and Mentor and Mentor Someone

One thing you will agree to is that once you are fifty, you have enough experience in life. The best way to make use of such experience is by guiding a younger person. There are several young men and women outside there who are looking for someone to hold their hand. One of the best legacies to leave behind is by impacting the life of someone positively. Look for a younger man or woman and become his or her mentor. Try and guide the person on how to choose his career, how to lead a socially balanced life, enhancing education, and serving the community just to name a few.

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What Is Forever

I grew up with a starry-eyed notion of forever. Forever and a Day. That’s what he’d say. It sounded like a long time.

“That’s safe,” I sigh.

It’s the late nineties. Boyz II Men is crooning in the background. My heart skips a beat while I bury myself underneath the covers. I can barely hear the radio anymore.

I trace letters around with my fingers and smile. A promise of forever seemed ideal for my young, naïve heart. It felt like nothing could ever go wrong in the world.

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How to Seek the Right Mentor for You

There is little doubt over the critical role that a mentor plays in putting the career of a professional on the path of glory. All the articles, expert opinions, books, tutorials combined cannot match the real world exposure and experience of a mentor who has been there before you. There are many professionals out there who know that mentorship is important to their career but are unaware of how to find the right mentor for them. This is an attempt to simplify their search.

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5 Things Every Leader Must Do For Personal Development

By the time you have a C-suite, you probably have a pretty good handle on how to do your job. You know your company and your department like the back of your hand, and you know how to make sure that your area functions like a smoothly oiled machine.

Many leaders, however, struggle with personal development, the soft skills that help them become not just good employees, but good leaders. If personal development is the lifelong process that leads to assessing your skills and abilities, then it follows that you’ll never be “done.”

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Live Happily: Here are 7 Self-Improvement Ways for You

What will you want to be — a winner or a loser? Obviously, with a blindfold, it is to be a winner. Transforming yourself into a better person is not that much easy, especially when you are not that much aware of the positivity. It is not a mandate that a winner needs to be a good person, but should be reasonable with whatever he or she is doing.

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Change Your Reality by Dealing with Negative Emotions

It all comes down to your mentality. Your mentality directs the actions that you take.

The truth is people are competitive and will want to hit you with the worst possible – they will want to drown you and hit you with a fire extinguisher to ensure that you do not get ahead.

Being successful is as much about dealing with the negative emotions as much as anything else. When you really go for what you want you are going to have detractors: there’s no doubt about it.

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6 Signs You May Need a Productivity Coach

Getting through the day productively is quite a feat since sustaining high levels of energy all day can be quite challenging. Now, how about being as productive for weeks, and even months after? Those are bigger challenges, right?

If you can see yourself managing your productivity level well through time, good for you. However, if you can see yourself struggling with the tasks and responsibilities you handle, you are encouraged to get a productivity coach. Your productivity coach can assess your situation, identify your weaknesses, and guide you to achieve your goals with confidence every action step of the way.

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Popular, Yet Unfair, Myths About Business Coaching

Given that business coaching is somewhat new to the job market, many people may not have a clear idea of what it is. In short, business coaching involves helping a company to define and reach its goals on a company-wide level while also fitting in the goals of company executives. But the myths surrounding this field are detrimental to the potential positive impact that business coaching can have on whole industries. So it’s worth stepping back to find out what this novel field is really all about. Who knows, you may even discover that it could be a valuable tool for your own business!

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The Different Practical Self-Improvement Ideas for Success

Obviously, no one wants to become unsuccessful in their lives. People generally look for easy ways to be successful in life, which is almost unattainable. One of the most important ingredients that you should have for success is self-improvement. You must make constant self-improvement in order to enjoy success in your personal life as well as professional life. Self-improvement is something that you cannot learn from school, college or university because it comes through your life experiences. However, self-improvement is really a crucial weapon that you should have in your armory to avoid failure and also to get used to […]

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