4 Uncommon Leadership Skills Every Life Coach Needs

As a profession, life coaches are in a role where leadership is an absolute must. From the beginning of an interaction between a coach and mentee, it is the responsibility of every coach to lead their client to help them achieve their goals.   In many situations, life coaches don’t have any more wisdom or knowledge about a given subject than the client themselves. What they do have is an understanding of leadership that can be emulated in order to achieve goals.     Yet, even among life coaches there are specific skills and traits that are rare despite being […]

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How Do Life Coaches Practice? Survey Results Tell All

Have you ever been in a new situation where you’ve felt the need for a mentor? Perhaps you’ve been there and you had an exceptionally good one. We all benefit from the wisdom of others in many areas of life, whether we’re talking about our jobs, relationships, or personal goals.   If you are facing challenges in your life, whatever area they might be in, you might consider not just seeing, but actually becoming a life coach. As many of us know, we learn ideas best when we have to put them into action. If you’ve ever had to teach […]

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Dream Psychology- Know What Your Dreams Are Saying to You

We all are humans, and we all have dreams, both forgettable and unforgettable dreams. Do you know the dreams which you see with your internal eyes while you sleep are meant for a cause? Sound strange and new, but the term “Dream Psychology” says that’s true.     Dream Psychology- The science of dreams   It is a science which has discovered the communicative side of a human unconscious mind. Dreams are psychotherapy, warnings, and teachings for your conscious mind; your dream has a message for you, translating it in a human-understandable form is not every ones cup of tea. […]

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How Simple Morning Exercises Will Make Your Life Better

All my life, I have been a person who enjoyed an additional hour of sleep in the morning because I am not much of a morning person. For years, this habit of enjoying a lie in has been my friend and gave me sweet rest, so I thought that this trait cannot be changed forever. It’s not that I did not enjoy exercises and active lifestyle but morning laziness has been the main factor that ruined by efforts to engage in sports because it provided inconsistency. As the result, I was not very successful in that and tried an exercise […]

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Give a Little, Get Back a Lot

Remember what they taught you when you were a kid: It’s better to give than to receive. Sure, it sounds nice.  But no one really believes it. After all aren’t these our basic assumptions about human nature and the ways of the world? No good deed goes unpunished (Clair Boothe Luce). When a fellow says, “It is not the money but the principle of the thing,” it`s the money (Kin Hubbard). Where large sums of money are concerned, it is advisable to trust nobody (Agatha Christie). If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing […]

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What Can a Life Coach Help You With?

Almost everyone can benefit from working with a life coach at some point in time. That’s because life coaching features several niches you might not have known about, which means you can get coaching with just about any problem that comes up in life. If you’re not yet sure if you could really use a life coach, take a look at the various areas of life that a coach can counsel you on.   Health and Fitness   Considering the wide array of health issues and the high rate of obesity in the US, it’s no surprise that many people […]

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Be Yourself: Decoding The Meaning Behind The Phrase

How many times have you heard the statement “just be yourself”? Sounds great, but not many of us actually know what it means. Are we being true to ourselves when we let go of all the stories and judgments we placed on ourselves? Or perhaps it takes a certain amount of practice to reconnect with one’s selfhood? Here are some tips to help you actually be yourself – and discover the true meaning behind the phrase.

Connect with your inner child

Look at children. They live in the moment and care for nothing else than what’s in front of them. They’re happy because they’re true to themselves. They don’t have to fit into any social groups yet, and they clearly enjoy that freedom.

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Don’t know how to motivate yourself? These tips will help you

Having trouble staying motivated? Indeed, it is a difficult task because challenges that arise along the way can really hurt the performance and productivity. The lack of motivation has a negative impact on doing various daily tasks as well, thereby turning the day into the celebration of procrastinating. If you begin noticing that you feel less than motivated all too often or the laziness takes over, you need to try some of the practical solutions for this problem.

To help you stay productive and energized, we have gathered a list of practical tips on how to motivate yourself. Got a few minutes?

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6 Things Parents Can’t Teach You About Breakups That Experience Can

Breakups are tough, there’s no doubt about it. Everyone experiences them differently, but they always hurt. Still, they also offer an important lesson about life and relationships – a lesson that helps us to grow. Here are 6 essential things about breakups that nobody can teach you, only your experience.

1. Breakups must hurt

Breakups make you cry. They also make you angry and frustrated. They sometimes motivate you to wallow in self-pity. They might negatively affect your self-esteem.

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5 Ways to Network like a Pro to Grow Your New Business

In the information age, success as a business requires networking. The truth is, in a lot of ways it’s always been like this, especially in the cities. Even in the middle ages the blacksmith down the road was better off than the blacksmith on the other side of the town because the one down the road rubbed elbows with rich estate owners in the pub every night whereas the blacksmith on the other edge of town didn’t do as well because he stayed home at night. Networking is key to a business, and is in a lot of ways the oxygen that fills the lungs of the business and allows it to run and produce at high speeds.

Networking is simply defined as doing what needs to be done to get the word out about you and your business. It’s talking to people, holding presentations, hosting a display at an expo, managing your social media and website, advertising, spreading the good word from friend to friend to friend, etc. Successful networking would involve getting a lot of qualified, viable customers (customers who want to or need to buy your product) interested in and aware of your business and product. Unsuccessful networking would result in sales drying up and a headlong scramble to try and find new customers and clients.

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