by Sabra Redfern

Finding the right life coach for you should not be difficult once you identify the issue, behavior or transition you want to change.


Change Work

Life coaching is change work. I begin to help my clients by asking them a series of questions, unique to their particular issue and therein discover their inner resources. Reflecting these resources back to them is key to their improvement.

My favorite session is one where my client has a clear ‘end result’ or ‘goal’ in mind and I’m able to elicit the true desire for this change using Ericksonian hypnosis, that is, talking with them and using their own words and weaving those words into metaphors that awaken the unconscious mind. Awakening the unconscious or subconscious mind allows the critical mind to rest and allow change to occur in a way that becomes natural and permanent.


The Right Life Coach

The way to find the right life coach is to search online and select several to study. Read what they’ve presented. Read client comments. Compare the several you’ve chosen and contact each one unless you’re able to choose one in this way.

A good life coach will welcome a conversation or at least an email exchange to see if you’re a good fit for each other. If you want to find someone to talk with face to face, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to have a phone conversation. I offer a free half hour phone consultation and I think others do too.

Remember, life coaches are doing this work because they enjoy helping others. A good life coach will be upbeat and communicate their manner and listening skills right away.

Good luck, and trust your ability to choose the right life coach for yourself.

Sabra Redfern

Sabra Redfern is a personal development life coach.  She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, as well as a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming.  She also uses Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Sabra works one-on-one with weekly office hours. She offers phone coaching to those who can’t make it to the office.