By Lauren-Nikai Harry

Lauren-Nikai Harry

The win is in the Journey. The win is waking up every single morning and doing that one thing or those several things that move you closer to your purpose. The win is in understanding your vision in such detail that it is forced to become your reality. The win is in understanding what your real value is and being relentless about achieving nothing less than the standards you’ve set. It’s about the steady climb to the mountaintop and understanding what it really is that will allow you to make it.

Too many times we live life with this amazing vision of ourselves and what we aspire to achieve, but get distracted, stuck, divulged by fear, or completely stopped by circumstances. Our minds convince us that there is something else more important, or something that stands in the way and makes our vision impossible. Sometimes we just think we’re not good enough to see the realities our hearts have conceived.

Winners are more than the people who make it to the finish line. Being the first to get to the finish line is only a result of continuous action. The winners are the people who stuck to their commitments to achieve those results. The winners are the ones who said “it’s going to take me waking up 3am every morning and running for 3 hours to get there” and then do it. The winners are the ones who don’t stop and keep pushing toward their goals and aren’t at effect to their surroundings to achieve what is rightfully theirs.

The philosophy is simple. It’s something most people know and understand without much hesitation. They grasp it for those few grands moments, then breathe that sigh and let it flow out as if it never entered their minds. Life goes on as usual. The actions stay about the same, the results are average; however, that desire for more kicks in sometimes and is either ignored or listened to. It never matters when you decide to listen to that feeling. It matters that you do, and you then make the commitment to achieving it.

A great coach will acknowledge you for taking that first step in your commitment to become the champion of your life. They will celebrate you and assist you in realizing that this first step is the most difficult. However, the real work lies in that second, third, and subsequent steps you take to keep winning. A real coach won’t let you stop when you normally would, and will push you so far out of your comfort zone you won’t even remember what that life was like when you were. This is your new life: pushing for success and doing everything it takes to win.

Be relentless. Be Confident. Be Successful.

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Lauren-Nikai Harry
Lauren-Nikai Harry is performance and transformational life coach. At Klick Consulting, Lauren utilizes coaching as a tool to produce life transformation in entrepreneurship, however, she enjoys working with all clients that are willing, ready, and able to achieve desired success.