by Sabra Redfern

What can you expect from a life coaching session with me?

You can expect to make a shift in your perspective and feelings from a life coach session with me. I know you’ll enjoy the process of realizing your inner strength and resources.


Let me walk you though a session…

  • If you come to my office, you can expect me to greet you outside and walk you to my quiet office in the back where you’ll begin to relax just by gazing on the mature shrubs and 50 ft fir trees that shade the area. Greenery surrounds us.
  • As you take your chair, I’ll hand you a one page form to fill out for my files.
  • Like when you meet anybody for the first time, we’ll get more comfortable by just talking casually first.
  • Then we’ll start talking about the reason you’re here.
  • We begin our conversation by mentioning what we talked about during the phone interview we’ve completed prior to this session.


Awakening Questions

Let’s say your issue is feeling stuck in your job and marriage. Although we’ve talked a little bit about it, I’ll ask you specifically, “Why are you here today?”

You’ll show just a split second of surprise!  And then you’ll continue by telling me why you’re here for a session today. Asking this questions causes you to access your unconscious mind and it’s possible you may answer in a different way than you expected.

The modalities I use for life coaching include NLP and hypnotherapy, as well as other practical techniques. By asking you questions and listening to your answers, we’ll begin to build rapport, and we’ll find a path to travel toward your success.

Since you’re ‘stuck’, I would ask you ‘How do you know you’re stuck?” This will encourage you to dig for the right words to let me know how you feel. You might answer:” I know I’m stuck because I can’t see any progress in my work. I feel bored and can’t more forward.” I might say: “What is another word for ‘stuck’?”

I’ll encourage you to have fun with this, finding other words to describe how you feel, and at the same time broadening your sense of who you are in relation to this feeling. I guarantee you’ll laugh. We will have already begun to create a change.

Sabra Redfern

Sabra Redfern is a personal development life coach.  She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, as well as a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming.  She also uses Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Sabra works one-on-one with weekly office hours. She offers phone coaching to those who can’t make it to the office.