By Life Coach Spotter

By Deborah Melzer

Is a life coach worth the cost?

It all depends on your perspective. How we define what’s important to us and what we spend our money on is a unique choice.

Here’s a simple question for you.


How much is your happiness and joyful living worth to you?

I’ve come to the awareness that money is just another form of energy. And one of the basic laws of physics is that energy can never be created nor destroyed, it only changes form. As energy in our lives, you can experience money as a sacred exchange between 2 people, for services or products offered and received.

How would you like to attach to the energy of money an experience of Grace, Peace, Love, Joy, Prosperity?  Or how about Lack, Struggle, Loss, or Pain? You get to claim your experience of that exchange.

So what do you want it to be?


The Sacred Exchange of Life Coaching

The next time you look at the cost of coaching, consider what a life coach can do for you.

A life coach is there to:

  1. Help you get in touch with your desires and dreams, so that you can realize them
  2. Help you appreciate what you have right now, as you take steps towards your desired change
  3. Be a nurturing support and partner to help you navigate life changes and challenges, while helping you remain true to yourself and your dreams
  4. Maintain an objective view of your life and situation, to support you in a way that a friend or family member might not be able to
  5. Help you reclaim a positive and life-affirming experience of change

Now that you know what a life coach can do for you, what value do you put on this gift of service? How much do you value an investment in yourself?

If you knew that the right life coach is already there for you… would you be ready to take one step forward, and commit to your own happiness and well-being?

May your journey be a blessed one!

Deborah Melzer

Deborah Melzer is a self care coach nurturing families and organizations to come home to an experience of empowered self care through self awareness. Her speciality is Appreciative Coaching where she helps individuals and organizations focus on their wellness, careers, spirituality, and sense of community. Her journey from manufacturing engineer to self care coach revealed her greatest joy: seeing clients empowered and engaged in fulfilling their own dreams and desires through the simple act of daily living.

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