by Sabra Redfern


Want Instant Change?

Clients who choose to work with me are usually curious about how I use hypnotherapy in the process. Since I’m a personal development life coach, I’m often asked to help people as they make a transition in their lives. Some examples are: changing professions, jobs, and relationships.

The amazing power of hypnosis is this. I’ll have a client relax in a recliner and I’ll make suggestions that will create instant change or relief. I have to laugh when I think about the many misconceptions about hypnosis I hear weekly.


What It Really Is

You’ll find that hypnosis is a subtle technique that allows you to understand yourself more thoroughly. I ask questions using words you’ve already chosen to use in your description of problems as well as your likes and dislikes. This helps you to loosen-up your view of the world as you learn how to define what you want and need.

Sometimes clients will come to me for traditional hypnotherapy. You’ll find yourself relaxed in a recliner while I make suggestions for you to incorporate a variety of techniques in your life to be happier as you make the changes you desire. We’ll have already talked about what you want beforehand and to be aware of my voice at all times. This is almost always a fun way to make improvements.

Sabra Redfern

Sabra Redfern is a personal development life coach.  She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, as well as a certified master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming.  She also uses Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Sabra works one-on-one with weekly office hours. She offers phone coaching to those who can’t make it to the office.