By Denise Bacon

Denise Bacon

What’s Your Life Worth to You?

How much would it be worth to you, to wake up every morning feeling good, feeling joy, making more money, and loving your life?

When you balance the cost of illness, feeling bad, missing work, hurting your family and friends, and the needless suffering when you’re not living your right life, you should be asking yourself why it costs so little. Your life has to be worth something to you or you won’t be here right now looking for a way to improve your current life’s situation.

Price and Outcomes

Many life coaches charge by the hour. The average 1 hour session can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 an hour. Many coaches will offer packages to encourage clients to commit to long-term coaching, which will likely create a better outcome. Coaches really want great outcomes for their clients, first and foremost for the well-being of their client. Bad coaches and bad outcomes give the profession of life coaching a bad name.

Not All Life Coaches Are Created Equal

And just because someone charges the most doesn’t mean they are worth the most! It really is up to the client to do their homework—take advantage of free consultations from several coaches, read their websites, visit them on Facebook—before making the decision so you can truly get your money’s worth.

An Investment in Your Best You

Sometimes it’s difficult to invest in yourself, but it really is worth the money when you have a coach that inspires you to be the very best you can be. Imagine that! Once we have our life in order and are living to our fullest potential, we find ourselves with much more energy, and we’re able to accomplish more than we ever thought possible.

Preventative Medicine

Worry, stress, and disappointment are energy drains. By correcting the things that have unbalanced us, we are able improve all aspects of our life and it’s preventative medicine! Carrying draining emotions for long periods of time can actually create long-term medical conditions. And what’s the cost of treating that? By comparison, the cost of life coaching looks like a bargain.

And you can have the life that you deserve.

Negative feelings, even if they are generated in another part of your life, can also be holding you back from promotions, meeting sales quotas, and blocking you from great career opportunities. We are at our best when we’re able to balance our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.

It’s Not Just Your Session

Why else does a coach’s price seem expensive?

Remember that the dollar amount of coaching isn’t just about the hour a week that your coach spends with you.

It takes the coach time to prepare prior to your appointment, as well as after your appointment so that they can have thoughts and suggestions and recommend homework. Careful concentration on you is necessary when reviewing and recapping your sessions.

A good coach gives you homework to do, and that homework means extra work for them too. They also spend a lot of money taking courses, reading books, and expanding their knowledge so they have the best tools available so they can help you reach all your goals.

And then there is of course, the everyday cost of running a business. Good coaches can’t stay in business if they don’t charge for their services. Phone, internet, webpages, scheduling sites, credit cards, marketing materials, advertising, licenses, and business permits.

Denise Bacon
Denise Bacon is a certified life coach and has been practicing for three years. Her specialties are working with women who are starting on the second phase of their life, men who have difficulties in maintaining relationships, and working with non-profits and socially conscious business startups. She has a BA in Government and Public Administration and is a graduate of the Ford Family Foundation’s Leadership Program where she was trained in group facilitation and effective organizations.