Get Matched From Over 300+ Certified Life Coaches

Our coaches are certified professionals who have been screened and tested. We personally hand-pick each of our coaches to make sure they have the proper training, education, and experience.

How We Find Our Life Coaches

After applying to join our team, our online coaches are thoroughly interviewed and screened. Because there are thousands of life coaches to choose from, we’re super-selective, choosing only the cream of the crop. We spend time getting to know our coaches first, to ensure that we can refer you to some of the best coaches in the country. All of our coaches are required to have a minimum of at least three years of experience.

How are we different?

We do the hard work of finding the best coaches for you, and then double-check with our coaches to see if it’s a good match. After that, it’s up to you to decide which of your matches you want to work with.  We ensure that you’ll find the best coach for you.


Our Life Coaches Use a Variety of Different Approaches

Our coaches come from a diversity of different backgrounds.  From their training, education, and real world experience, they’ve learned to use a variety of different skills, techniques, methods, and approaches.  Just a few include: neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, intuitive coaching, appreciative inquiry, visualization, affirmations, and dozens of other approaches.


Our Coaches Specialize In

  • life coaching
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • career coaching
  • relationship coaching
  • business coaching
  • health and wellness
  • job coaching
  • work and life balance
  • self-care
  • life transition
  • focus and motivation
  • personal growth
  • spirituality
  • time management
  • stress reduction
  • weight loss
  • productivity
  • dating
  • financial
  • performance
  • adhd
  • and more