By Tom Jager

All my life, I have been a person who enjoyed an additional hour of sleep in the morning because I am not much of a morning person. For years, this habit of enjoying a lie in has been my friend and gave me sweet rest, so I thought that this trait cannot be changed forever. It’s not that I did not enjoy exercises and active lifestyle but morning laziness has been the main factor that ruined by efforts to engage in sports because it provided inconsistency. As the result, I was not very successful in that and tried an exercise in the evening. But there were so many temptations to skip the gym, especially on weekends, so staying on schedule was almost unreal for me.

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As the time went by, I began to change my perception of sleeping an extra hour in the bed. I calculated that if I stay in bed for just one hour, which translated into almost three additional weeks of sleep every year. That was a lot already, and the habit was getting stronger, so I decided to take action before I sleep more than a half of my life away. Instead of the usual morning sleeping routine, I decided to go with a simple morning exercises plan that I found on the Internet. It had me doing lodges, crunches, step ups onto chair and some other ones.


I did not believe how soon my life started to change: after the first week of exercises, I was already experiencing a lot of benefits. I’ll describe them below so you know it’s worth sacrificing some sleep for.


My Energy is up


Science says that morning exercise increase the energy levels and I completely agree! Just after a week of doing exercises, I felt more energized from the very beginning of the day, which also enhanced my productivity in other areas, such as office work. Moreover, the feeling of being energized lasted much longer than usual because I really did have more energy from working out in the morning. My metabolism rate was up and I found myself always wanting to engage in some activity instead of collapsing on the couch with my computer.


Battle with Stress became easier


People who perform regular morning or evening exercises are known to have lower stress levels, scientists claim. For example, a recent study found that it was better to exercise in the morning if you had a stressful job because it allowed to have a really rested mind. They could not be more right because I was able to handle usual amounts of stress much easier when morning exercise became my daily habit. The ability to fight the impact of stress on my body came to me naturally and I was able to have better days than when I was sleeping longer.


The Quality of Sleep Improved


When my energy levels elevated because of morning exercises, I found that I was going to bed earlier than usual. Moreover, it was easier to fall asleep and have a more restful sleep because I was generally well-spent by the evening. There is also a scientific proof of this claim, as described in this New York Times article.


I Became More Productive


Exercises are a well-known way to increase productivity that is used in the offices all around the world. For example, according to, many office employees in Shanghai perform a set of physical movements from Japanese cartoons, ballet, and yoga to stay productive and refreshed. Folks in the U.S. office of A-writer, follow the same tradition by engaging in 10-minute afternoon routine as well. After I started to exercise, my productivity went up because I was able to achieve more in shorter periods of time.


I Felt Healthy


In light of all these great benefits from morning exercise that I described above, my life changed. I started to feel healthier because I was energized and more positive, even though the only thing that changed was less sleep and more exercise. Now, I am planning to continue to improve my health and use morning runs to improve cardiovascular function. They are supposed to be even more powerful than exercises. How awesome am I?


Concluding Thoughts


If you want to change your life and improve your health, give morning exercise a try. You will feel better, sleep better, improve the performance, and reduce the stress levels in a relatively short period of time. It worked for me very well and I think they will be great for you as well if you follow the exercise plan closely. Hundreds of morning workouts can be found on the Internet, so it won’t be a problem for you. Remember, the hardest thing is to fight the laziness in the morning, but it so worth it when you pass that stage.

Tom Jager
Tom Jager is a professional blogger. He works at Royal-Essays. He has a degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals.