By Michael Holiday

Michael Holiday

Have you ever wondered why, no matter how carefully you make those choices and decisions that are critical to fulfilling your goals, you somehow still manage to get it wrong? Most of us do this, often at the worst possible moment, but what causes this to happen?

To take another example, how many times have you seemingly got it right and achieved what you set out to do, but somehow sabotaged the situation and lost what you’d been searching for so long?
Road to Success
These are all too common stories told by those who travel the twin roads of success and failure. It’s as if you are happily walking along your road to success then suddenly take a wrong turn and find yourself in the midst of disaster.

Why do we do this?

Most Life Coaching focuses on what you have to offer, what you want and what steps you need to take to get it and knowing these things is very important and absolutely critical to your success. What is not always addressed is why you get stuck, why you lose motivation, why you screw up at the worst possible moments and most of all why you suddenly feel lost and disconnected to everything you have been striving for once you get close to achieving it. Most of the time, you end up blaming a situation, a person, or something else.
Spiritual Life Coaching takes a step back from the you, who gets up every morning to make what you can of the day ahead, to look at why you live the way you do and seek the changes you believe you want. It looks at the inner drives and motivations that have shaped the course of your life this far and shows you how to take control of these same inner forces to shape the future you are after now. It helps you discover the real motives behind the goals you set and shows you which are true to the real you and which are traps you have unwittingly set for yourself.
To understand where Spiritual Life Coaching fits into Life Coaching as a whole, it’s important to recognize that whilst most forms of Life Coaching take this present lifetime as the sole point of reference in creating a game plan for the future, Spiritual Life Coaching adds a further dimension to this by looking at how your Spiritual Identity also influences the choices and decisions you make in the here and now.
I’ll leave you with a simple illustration that may help to clarify what Spiritual Life Coaching is. If you compare your life to an intricate tapestry where all the triumphs and disasters, loves and losses that compose the story of your life are woven into the pattern and pictures that appear there, Spiritual Life Coaching guides you through the process of learning to thread the stitching that is hidden on the underside, where those patterns and pictures are created.
With Spiritual Life Coaching, you will begin to understand the intricate details of life.

Michael Holiday
Michael Holiday has been involved in personal metaphysics for most of his life, creating a home study course in this field as far back as 1991. He now offers Spiritual Life Coaching for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of themselves.