By Morice Mabry

Image living in a society where procrastination was unacceptable and illegal. You would have the freedom to think and do as you choose, but will be outlawed and arrested if you procrastinated. I know this is far-fetched because everyone’s desires and levels of taking action are different. Besides, how would one be able to moderate who is procrastinating and who is not? I guess that’s for one to decide for him or her self. Well back to my imaginary society or better yet I will call this society a town, Actionville! It’s a place where doers reside and laziness is a crime. There are five laws to move citizens forward into 2016 that govern Actionville. The laws are:

• Defining Your Purpose
Goal Setting
• Finding Inspiration
• Taking Action
• Asking For Help

Let’s take a closer look at each law and get a better perspective to why each is so important to societal functions in Actionville.

Law #1)

Defining Your Purpose: This law was enacted because many citizens would start their journey with excitement and courage, but when a difficult challenge or obstacle arose, something inside would convince them to quit or stop trying. Requiring that all must know their ‘why’ mandates the ‘Defining Your Purpose Law.’ This means that each citizen must understand why an objective is so important to him or her. It requires a person to internally examine the emotions of their purpose. What law makers have found was that when a person is emotionally connected to their purpose, they will fight through any obstacles to get to where they want to be.

Law #2)

Goal Setting: This law was enacted because many citizens kept their goals in their head, which made their goals far-fetched and difficult to achieve without a proper plan. Requiring citizens to write out distinct, attainable, and timely goals and place them in places where it’s visible daily enforces the ‘Goal Setting Law.’ Achieving smaller milestones toward the overall goal creates momentum thus giving a person the confidence to continue to move forward.

Law #3)

Finding Inspiration: This law was enacted because many citizens became unmotivated too easily and allowed negativity to stop any forward progress. Requiring citizens to find inspiration in music, exercise, personal development, mentors, spirituality, and in writing creates positiveness from within and enforces the ‘Finding Inspiration Law.’

Law #4)

Taking Action: This law was enacted because many citizens procrastinate and are lazy. Requiring citizens to act now on goals or tasks mandates the ‘Taking Action Law.’ What lawmakers have found is that taking immediate action is what produces results. Regardless of the outcome, you must stay in action mode to continue to move forward in obtaining desired results.

Law #5)

Asking For Help: This law was enacted because citizens took on too many burdens alone. Requiring citizens to seek mentors, coaching, and counseling takes weight off one’s shoulders and moves one along their process faster and mandates the ‘Asking For Help Law.’ What lawmakers have found was that seeking assistance eliminates the reinventing the wheel syndrome.

So I ask, would you be able to survive in Actionville for 365 days and consistently follow the laws mentioned? The laws are easy to follow, but much easier not to follow. It comes down to understanding your behaviors. What are your behaviors as it pertains to getting desired results? Behaviors create habits, habits create actions, and actions create results. I Morice Mabry challenge you to a ’30 Day Challenge to Create Positive Behaviors‘ to move toward the achievement of a goal. Click here to check it out!

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it!”

Morice Mabry
Morice Mabry is owner of MasterMinding Forward, an Adjunct Business Professor, Motivation Coach, Facilitator, and Speaker. His passion is servicing disoriented small business owners, entrepreneurs, and college students who struggle with business and life planning, accountability, sustaining vision, and goal setting. He helps his clients obtain their objectives through masterminding group sessions and individual coaching. He has extreme passion for his niche and truly operates from his heart. He is a man of integrity and conviction and invites you to get to know, like, and trust him.

You can visit Morice's website here. Morice has recently become a first time dad to his now 17-month-old daughter. You may read of his wonderful fatherhood journeys here.