Private and Confidential.

All information submitted to Life Coach Spotter is always kept private and confidential with us and our coaches. Your information is never shared with any outside parties, but is always safeguarded and protected to ensure your privacy.

Any information that is submitted through a form on the Life Coach Spotter website, emailed to us, or spoken about over the phone, is kept private and confidential with us and our coaches. Our business model is based on a high reputation of trust and confidentiality. It is also in our own best interest to keep your personal information protected, as we have no further use for it other than to assist you in finding your life coach.

When you submit any information to, you are agreeing to the following:

  • that your submitted information may be used for analytical and research purposes
  • that information automatically submitted along with a request for a coach may be used and shared with coaches, including location information, IP address, and more automatically processed data from your computer, browser, and more.

When Matching You

To better assist you in matching you up with the best online life coaches, your information may be shared with life coaches. By submitting your information through the Life Coach Spotter website, you are consenting to sharing your information with our life coaches. Your information is shared with our coaches so that they may assess if they are a good match for you or not.

All information that you submit to Life Coach Spotter (including your detected location) may be shared with the coaches who are registered in our system. The information you submit is subject to being bought or sold as a “sales lead” for the purpose of your coach matches being able to contact you. Coaches may compete to buy this information at varying prices via a bidding and auction system.

Coach-Client Confidentiality

Any information that you share with your life coach, is private and confidential between you and your life coach. After you are matched up and choose to work with a life coach, any information that you share with your life coach will be private and confidential between you and that life coach. Life coaches will never tell Life Coach Spotter about any personal information that you share with them. Nor will Life Coach Spotter ever ask their life coaches about any private information about you, except in how it regards continuing or discontinuing services with the life coach, or should you want to find a new life coach.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.